Horse Riding Safaris

Galloping in the open plains with a herd of zebra or walking quietly by a herd of grazing elephant – riding safaris are an incredibly unique way to explore areas off the beaten track.

Whether it be a morning ride, an alternative activity to the usual game drive, or setting off on a week-long mobile riding safari – horse riding provides a rare chance of getting up close to wildlife without affecting their behaviour or intruding in their space.

Do I need to be an experienced rider?

The safety of guests and the horses are our top priority. The riding is usually gentle and the horses accustomed to being around wildlife. Due to the unpredictable nature of the wilderness, if a horse is spooked the rider should have adequate experience to handle the situation.All programs can be tailored to suit the level of experience of the riders.

Do I need riding equipment?

The horse riding stables will provide you with riding helmets. We do advise that guests bring heeled shoes or boots as well as full length jeans or trousers along with them.

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes, these vary per riding safari and area however the main restriction is riders experience.

How long will we ride per day?

The choice is yours. Excursions on horseback usually take place in the early morning before breakfast and in the late afternoon and can last as little as thirty minutes to as long as three hours all depending on the guest.On a mobile horse riding safari (recommended for experienced riders only) guests spend approximately four to seven hours in the saddle per day, covering distances of up to 30 miles – depending on local terrain, weather patterns and wildlife sightings.

Can non-riders accompany us?

Absolutely, for morning or afternoon rides from a property a combination of walking and riding safaris are offered with the group joining for a bush breakfast or sundowners to share their sightings and stories. Mobile horse riding safaris can be arranged to include a horse riding group and a group on foot, however these groups would most likely be following separate routes and joining again in the evenings.

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