Conservation & Community

From our very first safari in 1985, we have aimed to ensure that the wilderness that we love could be shared with others for years to come

Over 38 years later we are very proud to say that each of our safaris works towards the conservation of our beautiful part of the world.

Land & Life Foundation

Building on the work of the former Cheli & Peacock Community Trust and through partnerships with local schools and communities.

The Land & Life Foundation is committed to creating a sustainable future where communities and wildlife thrive together. For every guest night on safari, Cheli & Peacock Safaris donate $1 to the Land & Life Foundation.

Land & Life Foundation


Each guest on safari with us is registered for AMREF Flying Doctors membership for the duration of their safari.

This membership not only ensures guests’ safety but makes a contribution to the vital grassroots work of AMREF towards community medical care and education.



Focusing on exclusive areas of significant biodiversity, Cheli & Peacock Safaris chooses properties working towards conserving the wilderness that we love.

Whether in National Parks, Reserves, or Conservancies our chosen properties support the local communities and wildlife to ensure the conservation of our beautiful part of the world.