Remote, wild and unspoilt, Meru National Park covers 870km2 between Mount Kenya and the Nyambeni Mountains 10 kms north of the equator.

A semi-arid park with 13 permanent rivers and springs, Meru National Park provides a diversity of habitats ranging from thorny bush land to vast open plains,lush riverine forests and wooded grasslands. A large diversity of animals including rare species specific to Northern Kenya; Grevy’s zebra, gerenuk, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe as well as lion, cheetah, leopard, Bohor reedbuck, hartebeest, elephant and buffalo can be found within the park along with over 427 species of bird.

Meru National Park was made famous by the book and feature film ‘Born Free’ depicting the release of Joy & George Adamson’s beloved ‘Elsa’ the lioness back in to the park. George Adamson lived in the south of Meru National Park until his death in 1989 and both Joy Adamson and Elsa the lioness are buried in the Park.

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