Tanzania’s oldest and arguably, most famous national park, Serengeti covers over 14,750km2 categorised into four main areas with landscape as diverse as the wildlife that frequents them.

● The Serengeti Plains, comprising of vast grassland plains in the south are host to the birthing season of the migratory wildebeest from December to May along with large populations of zebra, gazelle, hartebeest, topi, buffalo and waterbuck. Granite outcrops, known as ‘Kopjes’ dot the landscape providing refuge for animals as well as a vantage point for predators.

● The Western Corridor, hosting the annual migration between May and June is a vast savannah covered with rich black clay soil and intersected by the riverine forest lined Grumeti river; home to Nile crocodile, Patas monkeys and hippo.

● Northern Serengeti bordering Kenya’s Masai Mara provides exceptional migration viewing from July to August, as well as an abundance of wildlife viewing year round. A combination of open woodlands and vast hills, running from Seronera in the south to the Mara River on the Kenyan border.

● Grumeti Reserve, created by the Tanzanian government in 1994, the 350,000 acre private reserve protects the path of the annual wildebeest migration as well as the wildlife indigenous to the area. The Singita Collection of luxury camps and lodges within the reserve provide an exclusive safari experience whilst working together with local communities and conservationists to ensure the protection of this important wildlife area.

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