Camel Trekking

For a unique take on an East African safari, choose to either walk beside camels or ride on their backs as you traverse the diverse wilderness; from montane forests to broad sand rivers, and arid dry plains to wild & remote landscapes.

Camel trekking can either be a half-day experience whilst on a traditional safari, walking to a beautiful bush breakfast or sundowner or one can take to the untouched wilderness of Northern Kenya on a mobile walking safari supported by camels – discovering the ancient customs of the local people, their bond with their livestock, the wildlife, and the wilderness that they call home.

Itineraries Featuring Camel Trekking

SkySafari Kenya 10 Day

10 day flying safari | Fixed Departure - Set Itinerary

SkySafari Kenya 8 Day

8 day flying safari | Fixed Departure - Set Itinerary

Swift Safari

7 day flying safari