Mahale, Katavi & Lake Tanganyika

Mahale, Katavi & Lake Tanganyika

Mahale Mountains National Park, Katavi National Park and Lake Tanganyika provide a true African wilderness experience in Tanzania’s remote and undiscovered west.

Katavi National Park

The lesser visited Katavi National Park provides an exclusive, untamed and wild safari experience. Accessible only by light aircraft, the 4,471km2 park is supported by three seasonal rivers; the Katuma, Kavu and Kapapa. Following the rains, the park shows similarities to the Okavango Delta whilst the dry season brings the rapid loss of water sources with hippo and crocodile in their thousands collecting in diminishing pools, large populations of mammals flocking to the rivers in search of water followed by vast numbers of predators and the imminent fight for survival in this wild and arid area.

Mahale National Park

On the shores of Lake Tanganyika, the 1,650km2 Mahale Mountain National Park is home to the Mahale Mountain range and one of the largest wild chimpanzee populations. Habituated since the 1960’s these chimpanzees remain completely wild whilst allowing for close up human encounters – this is undoubtedly one of the prime chimpanzee experiences in the world.

Lake Tanganyika

The world’s longest, second oldest and second deepest fresh-water lake; Lake Tanganyika laps the shores of Tanzania, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Zambia.

The clear, warm waters of the lake are home to more than 470 species of fish including 250 species of cichlid fish, of which 98% are endemic to Lake Tanganyika.

A warm year-round climate and fresh warm waters coupled with extensive water sports available on Lake Tanganyika, provide an exceptional, exclusive ‘beach’ extension to any East African safari in this untouched portion of East Africa.

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