Greystoke Mahale

Imagine a place where there are no roads for 60kms from the camp, and the only access to where you want to get to is by, first a flight and then a boat ride along the lake? This is Greystoke Mahale; a remote lodge on Kangwena beach on the edge of Lake Tanganyika in the Mahale Mountains National Park, in western Tanzania. A place discovered over 20 years ago for its sheer barefoot paradise and small group of chimpanzees habituated by a Japanese research project, the build of Greystoke Mahale lodge has ensured none of this glory is swallowed by the structure of the lodge, where the en-suite rooms (bathrooms accessible across a short boardwalk) have been built back into the forest line, with a view of only the lakeshore. Hiking swimming in ice-cold pools, kayaking and just relaxing by the beach make for a great stay at Greystoke Mahale.