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Walking Safaris

Walking safari, Richard's Camp

Walking Safaris

Experiencing the smells, sights and sounds of the bush on foot is one of the most invigorating ways to explore East Africa and we recommend it to every guest.

Away from safari vehicles, in the silence of the open wilderness you become more aware; noticing the large and small – watching the endangered gorilla play in thick forest, the cocktail ant protecting it’s beloved whistling thorn home in vast open plains, following leopard spoor through a dry river bed or admiring the tireless, meticulous work of harvester ants.

Whether it’s trekking through the mountain forests to experience the chimpanzee’s of the Mahale National Park, walking through the dramatic gorges of Northern Kenya escorted by Samburu Warriors or exploring the ancient forests of the Mathew’s Mountains – a walking safari is the purest safari experience.

All walks are accompanied by professionally trained guides, many of whom have grown up in the area. Following their advice and instructions, a walking safari is a safe and exhilarating experience.

Yes, these vary per walking safari and area. Restrictions are often for children under the age of 12.

Please get in touch with your tour operator for further information.

The terrain and distance walked varies per walking safari and whilst many guides tailor each day based on the fitness ability and interests of the group, a minimum level of fitness may be required for specific walking safaris.

Guided bush walks are usually done at a gentle pace with the focus on the area and wildlife rather than a workout.

For the more active, there are walking itineraries covering between two and ten days experiencing a range of ecosystems from ancient mountains to the Northern frontiers of Kenya and trekking with mountain gorillas and chimpanzees.


Numerous walking safaris set up fly camping sites in a stunning new location each night, with guests walking straight in to a camp (and a waiting sundowner)

Certain walking safaris can be based out of one camp, with guests experiencing different walking routes, wildlife and landscape each day and returning to camp each evening.

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