Liz and Stefano Visit to Loisaba

Dear Friends,



startbeds2-458x341 Liz and I and our two boys, visited Loisaba last week and stayed in the new Starbeds. Wow…fantastic upgrade with full proper running water, new platform entrance to the skybeds and 24 / 7 power. So yes the new Starbeds, 4 platforms of which one is a family skybed, a must-do experience.



In January this year the 56,000-acre Loisaba Conservancy, which is a critical piece in protecting Kenya’s second largest elephant population, was permanently protected by transferring ownership to the Loisaba Community Trust. This move avoids the land from being sold off to developers. The Nature Conservancy raised funds to secure Loisaba and is now working in partnership with Space for Giants to improve conservation management and increase benefits to surrounding communities.


Loisaba sits in an elephant migratory pathway. Between Kenya’s North West Laikipia Plateau and Mt Kenya to the East. It also provides refuge for Kenya’s only stable lion population, and an abundance of other wildlife including Grevy zebra, wild dogs, leopard, and cheetah.


In 1972 my late father Federico Cheli with an Indian contractor from Maralal called Mr. Bhola built the original Loisaba Lodge. It was a typical 70’s lodge design, small rooms and square small bathrooms. Many often would comment on this during our 15 years of marketing Loisaba. Well, 43 years later Tom Silvester, Liz and I and with collaboration and input from Elewana directors and the TNC directors are rebuilding.



We are creating a 24 bed Luxury tented camp on the original site that the old lodge was on, which burnt down in 2013. The soon to be “Loisaba Tented Camp” will have 2 suites of 90 sq meters, 6 standard tents of 65 sq meters and 2 double family units ensuite ( yes 2 tents each with own bathroom) . 2 infinity pools and of course all the activities that you are all so familiar with on Loisaba. A true, full of fun, family destination.



The tents will be a contemporary design with an organic feel to them, looking across that famous stunning 100 km view east, to Mt Kenya.

The rebuilt / refurbed Star beds are operating already and the Tented Camp will open hopefully for Xmas this year.
The chances are that we will also be building a Loisaba Royal Lodge / Camp which will be a 12 bed all suites on another lovely Loisaba site. So watch this space.

Liz and I are very excited about this project and as Cheli & Peacock Safaris we will be promoting it a lot.

Elewana will be managing the tourism product on Loisaba and hence their family of lodges across East Africa is ever growing.

Looking forward to sending you to Loisaba again.
Best to all,
Stefano & Liz

17th August 2015