Happy New Year

Dear Friends,

Christmas has come and gone with Kenya experiencing some out of season fantastic rains.  Liz and I are on duty, sitting in Nairobi and watching our garden flourish, Sykes monkeys are happy and using our roof as a play ground and watching to see if we have left any fruit out on our veranda.

Kitich has also had wonderful rain and we have had to juggle timings of some clients flights and divert others from Kitich to Joys Camp – as all the rivers are flowing from the mountain and the area is just beautiful.

Kitich called a few hours ago and said that they had lions in camp and one of the watchmen had to hide behind the water heater.  Clients excited by this event as the roar of lions in the Kitich Valley echoes all around.

Kenya will stay green no question for at least two more months after all this rain thanks to a cyclone over Madagascar.

We shall keep you up to date,

Happy New Year

Stefano & Liz

30th December 2012