Rubondo Island Camp, Lake Victoria

Rubondo Island might just be the most unique destination in Africa for those seeking exceptional adventure experiences in the wilderness.

This 25 000 hectare paradise in the south-western corner of the expansive Lake Victoria is the largest island national park on the continent and is all but untouched by man. Elephants roam wild, colourful birds and butterflies flit through the boughs of pristine indigenous forest, and the waters teem with the iconic Nile Perch.

If you’re a seasoned adventure traveller or safari goer who has seen it all, just wait until you lay eyes on Rubondo Island Camp with its unrivalled access to this one-of-a-kind destination. This small and exclusive camp offers forest walks, game-watching, birding excursions, canoe trips, trekking through wild chimpanzee territory, catch-and-release fishing and a host of other eco-sensitive activities.

The Island and Wildlife

The short flight from the plains of the Serengeti shows off Rubondo in all its glory: sandy beaches roll into lush woodland that shelter hundreds of indigenous and migrant bird species. Genets, cats and otters dart between the shadows in search of prey, while herds of elephant and giraffe move gracefully from forest to savannah.