Photo: Picture Perfect

Greystoke Mahale

Greystoke Mahale sits on a pristine, white sandy beach overlooking the turquoise water of Lake Tanganyika, with the forested slopes of the 8000 ft Mahale Mountains rising behind.

On a wide golden beach along the eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika, sheltered by the lush green forests of the Mahale Mountains, is the magical sanctuary of Greystoke Mahale. One group of chimpanzees is within hiking distance, and each day you can venture out into the forest to observe our closest relatives as they groom, wrestle and forage across the leafy floor. Chimp trekking time is variable, and is dependent on where the chimps are that day. Whilst they can be in the forest right behind camp, they can also be far up the mountain and a possible 5 – 7 hour trek away. The forest paths are not always steep, but the walking can be strenuous so it helps if you’re fairly fit. Good sturdy but lightweight walking boots/shoes are a must.

There are no roads within 60 kms of camp (and long may that last!). The only access to Greystoke is via the lake.

The Chimps

Hiking through the verdant forest in the Mahale mountains in search of chimpanzees is a heart-racing experience. Watch as these primate cousins stop to groom, eat and build nests in their natural habitat, accompanied by an expert guide.