Walking, Camel & Botanical Safaris

A walking safari is the ideal way to travel through Kenya. Escape the constraints of a vehicle and lose yourself in Kenya’s stunning wilderness. You can walk where no car will go, exploring untouched land guided by a professional crew of Samburu warriors.

Days will be spent walking with or on camelback and atdusk guests arrive into a fully hosted fly camp set along the dramatic gorges of the Ewaso Nyiro River. Walking and camel safaris are ideal for inquisitive couples or family groups wanting to learn more about Kenya’s lesser-known areas and their natural inhabitants.

For keen botanists, Kenya offers endless plant life and eco diversity waiting to be explored, accompanied by one of Kenya’s leading Botanists, Anne Powys.
Cheli & Peacock’s botanical safaris offer guests the opportunity to learn about fascinating species such as ancient Cycads, forest orchids, fascinating desert varieties, as well as species used for traditional medicinal and practical cures.

Below are some of the itineraries we would recommend for Walking, Camel & Botanical Safaris:

Traditional Hideaways

Mathews Range (Kitich camp) ~ Shaba (Joy’s camp) ~ Masai Mara (Elephant Pepper camp)10 Day Flying Safari – From US$11,132 per double

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Explorer’s Favourite

Amboseli (Tortilis camp) ~ Lewa (Lewa Safari camp) ~ Masai Mara (Elephant Pepper camp)10 Day Flying Safari – From US$11,306 per double

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