Photo: Guest tent exterior
Photo: Tent interior
Photo: Bush breakfast
Photo: Bush dining
Photo: Cheetah
Photo: Giraffe at sunset

Namiri Plains

Namiri Plains is in the remote Eastern corner of the Serengeti, an area that was closed for 20 years to create a safe haven for cheetah. This is big cat country undoubtedly offers one of East Africa’s best cheetah viewing opportunities.

To minimise the impact on the environment the camp comprises only eight tents. Pitched in the shade of giant acacias, this small and exclusive tented haven offers 360° views of wildlife crossing the surrounding plains, the river area with its perennial vegetation and dense green reed beds that attract birds and smaller wildlife species.

The migration passes through Namiri Plains from October to May and unleashes spectacular predator sightings during December and January as the resident big cats feast on the passing herds of wildebeest and zebra.

I can’t say enough good things about this camp and the staff there.

The staff’s friendliness, service and attention to detail were really incredible.