The Emakoko

Cleverly built into the side of a valley, The Emakoko is a new family-owned and run lodge on the Mbagathi River, bordering the Nairobi National Park, only a 20 minute transfer away from Wilson Airport as well as Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

In a serene and informal atmosphere, guests can escape the stress of everyday life and relax, while enjoying a superb start or end to their safari in a unique wildlife environment they have travelled so far to experience. Nairobi National Park is a wonderful refuge from Nairobi’s dynamic and vibrant city centre, rich in a huge number of wildlife species and unique in being a natural wildlife habitat next to a capital city.

The lodge offers day excursions to the National Park and to many other places of interest. As the property has its own helicopter pad, helicopter excursions are also available and are one of the best means to great way to explore the many natural treasures Kenya has to offer.

There are 10 beautifully appointed rooms, 5 of them are on the same level as the main areas, and the further 5 are set on top of a cliff, providing stunning views of the valley.

Guest Comments

Marvellous accommodation – We loved it all.

Fantastic, beautiful, wonderful food and service, lions calling throughout the night – this really is a way to start and end.