Shops & Art Galleries

Masai Markets

The Maasai market is one of the most famous markets in Kenya. Curios, paintings, drawings, African garments, jewellery and carvings are some of the items to be found on these markets. With a distinct quality of being hand-made in Kenya by local artisans, these items are sold at a fair price. Shopping at the Maasai market provides a great experience for souvenir hunters.

  • Wednesday at Capital Centre
  • Thursdays at The Junction
  • Friday at the Village Market
  • Saturday at The Galleria
  • Sunday at Yaya Centre


Utamaduni means “cultural heritage” and is a converted house containing (about 15) arts and crafts shops including an African coffee table book shop, and antique African silver & gold jewelry, a Masai design shop and crafts made by ex-Nairobi street children. There is a good selection of quality goods with a small cafe on site.

Sandstorm Africa

Sandstorm is a Kenyan company which creates excellent quality suede, leather and canvas bags and briefcases as well as safari equipment.

Kazuri Beads

Kazuri Beads sells handmade, hand-painted ceramic jewellery made in Nairobi. Every bead is shaped by hand by one of the 200 local women employed by Kazuri. Kazuri also offers a fantastic tour through their factory.

House of Treasures

House of Treasures really is as it sounds, and is full of high quality and tasteful local artefacts ranging from antique furniture to coconut ice boxes. House of Treasures also features wonderful products from India and Bali.

The Souk

An exotic collection of Kenya-based artists have gathered under one roof to create The Souk. As the name suggests, The Souk houses an eclectic collection of paintings, jewellery, leatherwork, photographic works and clothing as well as a bookshop, café and a garden nursery.


Kioko exhibits and sells excellent sculptures made from recycled metal, based in Karen Connection.


Lapigems is an authentic and licensed top of the range gem dealer, setting and un-setting gems as well as designing beautiful unique jewellery.

Marula Studios

Marula Studios is the Eco, Ethics and Organics hub in Karen – a celebration of local ingenuity and craftsmanship, selling eco-ethical and home-grown products that they are proud to call African. Here visitors can shop and view the crafting of handmade products.


Matt Bronze offers a unique selection of hand-made bronze gifts, from animal footprint ashtrays to beautiful bronze sculptures in all sizes.

Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino sell a variety of local gift items, handicrafts, ethnic inspired housing items and accessories. Together with the National Museums of Kenya, Blue Rhino have developed a beautiful range of cards using Joy Adamson watercolour paintings.

Langata Link Shops

For a treasure trove of arts, crafts, jewellery, gifts and everything African, Langata Link Shops provides a convenient one-stop shopping location, with a collection of small locally-owned boutiques offering an amazing array of quality Kenyan products.