Photo: Richard's River camp - Lounge
Photo: Richard’s River Camp - Dining
Photo: Richard's River camp - Tent View
Photo: Richard's River camp - Relax
Photo: Richard’s Forest Camp - Outdoor Bath
Photo: Richard’s Forest Camp - Dining
Photo: Richard's Forest Camp - Guest Tent
Photo: Richard's camp - on a game drive with Richard Roberts
Photo: Richard's Camp - Game Drive

Richard’s River & Forest Camps

The original ‘Richard’s Camp’, now called the Forest Camp, was built as the home of the Roberts family in 1980 in the Ol Choro Conservancy located in the North West Masai Mara. Richard grew up in the Mara from the age of three with his parents Willie and Sue and his sister Caro. In 2000, Richard took over the small family home along with his girlfriend, Liz Fusco and converted it into a secluded retreat for those wishing to experience the Masai Mara within an original tented environment.

Only an hour and a half from the Forest Camp, the River Camp was initially established as Richard and Liz’s ‘home away from home’ in 2006 when their son Willoughby was born. Perfectly situated on the banks of the Njageteck River and surrounded by 70 acres of private land in the Olare Orok Conservancy, the camp allows for total privacy and exclusivity. The Ngoyanai springs provide permanent water, drawing in large numbers of animals to the area around camp. This camp is also particularly known for its resident lion pride which can often been seen hunting right in front of the camp, and most always can be heard roaring during the night.

Guest Comments

Richard’s Camp is a really warm and welcoming camp, the owners are often there and welcome you as part of the family.

Exquisite Cuisine

Despite our camps’ small size and remote locations our chefs will happily cater for almost any food preferences. Our chefs have trained at various kitchens across Kenya and have amassed a wide range of culinary skills and cooking methods.