Photo: Rekero Camp - Dining Deck river view
Photo: Rekero Camp - tent entrance
Photo: Rekero Camp - tent interior
Photo: Rekero Camp - Lounge interior
Photo: Rekero Camp - luxury tent
Photo: Rekero Camp - mess tent exterior
Photo: Rekero Camp - Dining Deck from river

Rekero Camp

In the heart of the Masai Mara, Rekero is a long established camp located on the shady banks of the Talek River, ideal to watch the annual migration. Walt Disney’s ‘African Cats’ movie was filmed in this stunning wilderness area with its extraordinary concentration and diversity of wildlife and Rekero Camp hosted the film crew.

Catering for up to 22 guests, Rekero offers its clients the opportunity to be part of a personal wildlife experience. The camp is seasonally set up (June to March) in order to allow the bush to recover and the wild animals to return to the site in time for the next dramatic wildlife season.

We made Rekero our home for much of the time we were shooting the film, and we would have struggled without the assistance of their expert guides. I am confident that you will have the best chance of seeing the stars of the film on a safari with our colleagues at Rekero.

Keith Scholey, Director of Walt Disney’s African Cats

Guest Comments

Cannot see how anyone would want to stay anywhere else on the Mara. Great spot; great staff; great food, and wonderful game drives from minute 1 in the jeep.

After 6 days, leaving Rekero was like leaving my family. I must admit that I got quite emotional, because the staff became friends. I look forward to the time when I can return.