Photo: Loisaba Tented Camp - Swimming Pool
Photo: Loisaba Tented camp - tent view
Photo: Loisaba - camel trek
Photo: Loisaba - game drive

Loisaba Tented camp

Loisaba represents the single largest conservation investment in East Africa in 2014/15 and was born from a partnership between The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants and The Northern Rangelands Trust.

The new Loisaba Tented Camp has been built on the site of the old Loisaba Lodge. Opening in May 2016, the tented camp is luxurious, overlooking the dramatic Loisaba view of over 80 kms of wilderness to Mt. Kenya. The new tents have a contemporary African style to the decor. The Tented Camp offers as usual the many activities available on Loisaba – including horse riding, fishing, tennis.

How do you make your African safari even more adventurous? Spend nights out with the animals. At Loisaba, outdoor ‘Star Beds’ expose you to the Kenyan elements.

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