Photo: Loisaba Tented Camp - Swimming Pool

Photo: Loisaba Tented camp - tent view

Photo: Loisaba - camel trek

Photo: Loisaba - game drive

Loisaba Tented camp

Loisaba represents the single largest conservation investment in East Africa in 2014/15 and was born from a partnership between The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants and The Northern Rangelands Trust.

After a large bush fire that destroyed the original Loisaba Lodge and impacted much of the conservancy in 2013, the much-anticipated Elewana Loisaba Tented Camp is set to open on May 1st 2016.

Perched on the edge of an escarpment on the site of the original lodge, the camp is cleverly located to take maximum advantage of unhindered views across the Laikipia plateau all the way to Mount Kenya.

With comfortably warm days and cool dry evenings, insiders consider the Laikipia plateau to offer the ideal safari environment.

We truly believe that such a stimulating backdrop deserves only the best of accommodations and have created a sophisticated and stylish base from which to explore.

The Loisaba Tented Camp’s spacious and airy tents can be left open to the elements to catch the gentle breezes. High ceilings, polished wooden floors and contemporary African styling provide a sumptuous setting when not exploring Loisaba.

And in the warmth of the African sun, the view from one of Africa’s most picturesque infinity pools is simply amazing.

Framed by the Rift Valley, Mount Kenya, the Aberdares and the Ewaso Nyiro River, Laikipia is a multifaceted ecosystem with many micro environments, ranging from riverine bush and escarpment walls to high plains, that ensure a wealth and variety of wildlife.

Laikipia is currently home to the largest population of elephant in Kenya, with Loisaba serving as a key migration corridor. Laikipia boasts Kenya’s most stable lion population, as well as the seldom seen Greater Kudu and Wild Dog, and endemic northern Kenya species such as the gerenuk and Grevy’s Zebra, alongside a wealth of other wildlife.

An area of approximately the same size as Lewa Conservancy, the Mara North Conservancy, or Samburu and Buffalo Springs combined, Loisaba has only 16 rooms in total, providing a generous 3500 acres of wilderness per room. This allows for some of the greatest exclusivity to wildlife sightings available in Africa.

A truly ground-breaking conservation success story, the Laikipia area has seen co-operation between land owners, local communities and professional conservationists to take down fences and provide safe and secure refuge for the wandering herds and their following predators.

How do you make your African safari even more adventurous? Spend nights out with the animals. At Loisaba, outdoor ‘Star Beds’ expose you to the Kenyan elements.

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