Photo: Kiboko Starbeds
Photo: Kiboko Starbeds - sunrise
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Loisaba Starbeds

The new 56,000 acre Loisaba Conservancy represents the single largest conservation investment in East Africa in 2014/15 and was born from a partnership between The Nature Conservancy, Space for Giants and The Northern Rangelands Trust.

Kiboko Starbeds

Located on the Loisaba Conservancy and a mere 15 minute drive from Loisaba Tented Camp are the iconic Loisaba Star Beds, a separate and unique way of enjoying time in the East African bush. Welcomed and hosted by a team of Samburu and Laikipiak Maasai warriors, guests to Loisaba Star Beds enjoy a truly immersive experience. Guests enjoy all the facilities of a full lodge centered around 4 raised and open air ensuite platform accommodations, with mosquito-netted double beds offering a night’s repose under the ultimate canopy- the African sky, far from light pollution and cares of the modern world.​

How do you make your African safari even more adventurous? Spend nights out with the animals. At Loisaba, outdoor ‘Star Beds’ expose you to the Kenyan elements.

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Loisaba's Kiboko Star BedsLoisaba’s Kiboko Star Beds