How to Choose a Responsible and Ecofriendly Safari Camp

With increased choices for up-market safari camps and lodges, how can you really differentiate between the truly responsible camps, and those that just have enticing pictures, websites, and “blurb”!?

Ecotourism Kenya is an internationally recognized committee of environmental professionals that inspect and “eco-rate” camps and lodges for their environmental, economic and social practices. Under the scheme, emphasis is given to protection of the environment, sustainable use of resources and support to local communities.
The criterion of best practice includes:

  • Protecting and investing in the environment
  • Reducing and recycling waste
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Promoting sustainable resources
  • Investment in and empowerment of communities including local recruitment of staff
  • Ethical workplace and business practices, including support for local trade
  • Promoting and education of responsible tourism to local communities and staff

Levels of Certification

After stringent assessments and on site inspections by officers from Ecotourism
Kenya, there are three levels of certification which can be awarded to a property
- bronze, silver & gold.

Bronze Eco-Rating

Demonstrates a property’s awareness and commitment to socioeconomic investment, responsible resource use and environmental conservation.

Silver Eco-Rating

Shows a move towards excellence, and is awarded to properties that have demonstrated innovation in achieving higher levels of socioeconomic investment, responsible resource use and environmental conservation.

Gold Eco-Rating

indicates that a property has achieved outstanding levels of excellence in socio-economic investment, responsible resource use and environmental conservation.

Ecotourism Kenya provides a credible independent and professional assessment of a property’s environmental calibre. A useful guide when choosing the right property for you!

Similar criterion are used when selecting suitable camps and lodges in Tanzania.