Photo: 2015 Land & Life Foundation Scholars
Photo: Baby Sea Turtle
Photo: Children Dancing
Photo: Elsa's Kopje Ura Gate Primary - New books being given by donor
Photo: Head of the human wildlife conflict team
Photo: The human wildlife conflict team
Photo: Tortilis Esiteti Primary School Pupils
Photo: Wildlife warriors having a discussion during the annual retreat
Photo: Wildlife warriors

Land & Life Foundation

Over the past 30 years, well before “ecotourism” became a buzzword, Cheli & Peacock have been committed to ensuring that local communities receive revenue and tangible benefits from tourism.

With the majority of East Africa’s spectacular wildlife living outside National Parks on private and community land, a strong connection between local communities and their surrounding environment is paramount to the future of East Africa’s wildlife.

Building on this ethos, Cheli & Peacock established the C&P Community Trust in May 2011. Since then, the Trust has achieved a great deal in ensuring that communities living in the vicinity of wildlife areas genuinely benefit from tourism.

In 2015 the Cheli & Peacock Community Trust rebranded and became the Land & Life Foundation; the new charitable face of Cheli & Peacock Safaris and the Elewana Collection which is supported by Cheli & Peacock Safaris, the Elewana Collection as well as our sister conservation organisation in Thailand, The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation, and Minor International. Under the leadership of the trustees Karim & Ayesha Wissanji, Stefano & Liz Cheli and Rupert Watson, the Land & Life Foundation are committed to creating a sustainable future where communities and wildlife thrive together across conservation areas.

Building on the work of the former Cheli & Peacock Community Trust and through partnerships with local schools and communities around the Elewana Collection properties, the Land & Life Foundation are helping to safeguard nature for the next generation. Much of the Land & Life Foundation’s focus is towards teaching and introducing the next generation to the issues of conservation and wildlife.

For every bednight sold, Cheli & Peacock Safaris is proud to donate $1 to the Land & Life Foundation to cover operational and management costs. As all operational costs are covered, 100% of every donation received goes directly to the supported schools and communities.

For more information on the Land & Life Foundation and its associated projects, please click here