Cheli & Peacock Community Trust

Since 1985, Cheli & Peacock has been developing environmentally-friendly safaris and eco-camps in Kenya, with a focus on lesser-visited areas of significant biodiversity that have faced poaching and lack of resources. With 70% of Kenya’s wildlife roaming outside of protected areas, we work with local communities to support wildlife conservation by providing economic benefits through bednight levies, leasing agreements and education initiatives.

The Cheli & Peacock Community Trust focuses on educating the next generation of Kenyan conservationists in partnership with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and encouraging wildlife protection on locally owned lands by working with rural communities to identify and support their development needs.

Making a difference

The Trust offers plenty of opportunities for you to make a real difference to communities during your safari in Kenya. Chania Frost, our dedicated full-time Project Manager, is in constant direct contact with rural schools and clinics around the country, working to ensure that donors are meeting the community’s foremost development priorities.

Visit our “Small Things” page for a list of schools you can support during your safari. If arranged in advance, your chosen donation can be sent to camp prior to your arrival so that you can, in person, take genuinely needed supplies to communities while you are in Kenya.

In addition to community initiatives, we also support various conservation initiatives which you may be interested in visiting or getting involved with while you are in Kenya.