Photo: 1986 - Car, trailer, a cook and me as a guide - what a great safari (Lake Turkana)
Photo: 1987 - From trailer to a pick-up to carry all the gear. Eureka, tents in Shaba - must have shade!
Photo: 1988 - Camp is getting more elaborate, but it could still fit in a pick-up (Samburu Westgate Conservatory)
Photo: 1988 - Lake Nakuru; Liz pushing one of our first two safari cars.
Photo: 1989 - Roll call! Where are the tooth picks? (Amboseli)
Photo: 1992 - Life is beautiful!
Photo: 1992 - Liz Peacock throws her toys out and demands my hand in marriage.
Photo: 1994 - On the steps of our house in Kiambu. The cat is also smiling!

30 Years in Pictures

The slideshow above takes you through the history of Cheli and Peacock Safaris. From the beginnings in 1985 through to today.

Use the slideshow controls to pause or click back and forward through the images. If you move your mouse over an image the slideshow will pause automatically until you move the cursor off the image again.